How To Get Started


Our Winter Season starts September 15th .  Racing every Sunday!

Doors open at 7:30 am.  Racing starts at 11:00am.



To get started racing  come to the track, ask questions, and learn about the different setups and car classes. You will need to purchase a car, controller, a charger, and other electronics. I would suggest buying used stuff if you are a beginner.  If you buy all new you will spend alot of money.  Buying used you can get into an entry level class for about $300 for the car ready to race and then a little extra for a charger, tools, etc.  Older car models will be cheaper than the newest versions but can perform just as good in the novice/sportsman division. I suggest getting  a novak gtb, gtb 2, or havoc (1s) 1 cell speed control. A novak ballistic or SS 17.5 motor,  a 25c 1 cell smc battery, and an affordable controller system, preferably 2.4 ghz.  The controller system should come with a reciever and one or two steering servos depending on what you get.  A lot of this probably doesn’t mean much to you but any of us at the track are more than willing to help anyone get started. It seems like a lot to learn and a lot of money right at first but it is very inexpensive to maintain these cars and they are a blast to race. Coins and hobbies in Barre carries alot of what you will need (tires, bodies, batteries, speed controls, controller systems, motors, gears, oils, springs, bearings etc).    Here are some links  to some new and used stuff for sale.  I would suggest contacting myself or another club member before purchasing anything.  It is a hassle if you get the wrong things.

Anyone that gets into racing  can call or email me and I will bring you up to the track to practice this summer………

Chris Facini                  ph.# 839-7171



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